• Unlock your purpose and understand your life journey with Astrology.
  • In order to understand who you are, it is crucial to understand your birth chart.
  • The planets and their movements are a great way to make a meaning of our character, why we act and react the way we do, why we find certain things appealing, and why we attract what we attract in other people!
  • In order to uncover your life purpose and true potential in this incarnation you must understand journey your soul is on. The lessons, the challenges, the strengths and talents are all in the birthchart.
  • Astrology is the tool that holds the keys
  • In this 1-hour reading, Astroloji Gurusu will look at your birth chart to uncover your unique life journey, hidden personal talents, and opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as current events happening in your life and how they will affect you.
  • This 1-hour reading will be done via live video, where you can talk to Astroloji Gurusu in real time and ask her questions as she walks through your charts on the screen.

Reading Options:

Natal Chart Reading and Future Predictions:

This reading is meant to help you unlock the doors to personal success in every aspect of your life. Astroloji Gurusu will look at your natal chart to remind you your true potential and some of your advanced charts, including your secondary progressions, solar arc directions, and solar return to help you plan your full year ahead!

Karmic & Esoteric Readings: ​

Karmic astrology traces the soul’s evolution from past lives into the current life. Your natal birth chart is your guide to your past lives, karmic lessons and your present life’s purpose. By understanding your karma, you can take personal responsibility for your life. By defining your soul's internal rhythm, outer circumstances and events change as well. Karmic astrology can be an enlightening and valuable tool for your spiritual progress.

Working with kids:

Astrological chart reading for youngsters help parents define their talents and prevent them from a possible emotional disturbance that could have been potentially sowed at an early age.